Good Morning

Hey ladies. Well, the shawl had some minor problems, so I was unable to take pictures of it. Maybe today…………My mom will be returning home this week and she has said she will make her mocassins! I am very excited about that one! Have a fantastic day wherever you are!

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5 Comments on “Good Morning”

  1. gr8tful Says:

    Good morning, I can’t wait to see it!! HUGS!

  2. lou66 Says:

    She looks so beautiful. Wish I could have seen her dance.

  3. fancydancer Says:

    LOU!!! I am so happy you visited the site!!! Thank you. Maybe I will have her dance one day at the Bead Lounge for ya!
    For my lady friends here, Lou is one of the most fantastic beaders on earth! If she lets me, I will post some of her artistry, it is beautiful! We met at our favorite hangout here called “The Bead Lounge” . I was taken back with her skill. It’s fabulous

  4. gr8tful Says:

    I hope lou let’s you, I would love to see it!! Tell princess hi for me!

  5. lou66 Says:

    Well thank you for the comment about my beading. I am just an old lady that enjoys what I do, but I am not that good. I am very proud of my totem that I beaded since it is one of the first things that I beaded.

    I am currently busy trying to get a number of bracelets done to send to Alaska to a classmate I went to school with. She is going to place them in a gift shop for me. Hopefully I will be finished with them the first or second week in May. Then I can play with other beading projects.

    It was good to see you the other day.

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