The practice continues….

So we spent the weekend practice dancing. Princess and her little dancing buddy decided they wanted to try a FAST song…well, that lasted about 10 seconds 🙂 So we went back to windsong, girls traditional. I am making a belt for one of her costumes. It is coming out so beautiful! She picked the colors and at first I wasn’t crazy about them, but I must admit it is shaping up pretty nice. I will try to post a picture of what it looks like so far. It is silver lined sea blue, silver lined medium blue and cream. I am also working on her barettes. I haven’t cut them off the loom yet, but I will try to post them anyway. I also received a telephone call from her school yesterday and talked to her homeroom teacher. Great news! Next month she will be tested for the gifted program! I am so proud of her! and very excited! I Love homeschooling her, but did not really realize how much she would advance by being taught at home! It makes a big difference when children receive individual attention in the learning arena.  Thanks for stopping by and I will get busy trying to post some pics………

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One Comment on “The practice continues….”

  1. What a wonderful thing! What a wonderful gift you’ve given your Princess, the love of learning. I think it is the greatest gift I give my own boys. ***hugs***

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