Well, I just learned that there will be a Pow-wow here on April 5th. It is a contest. Princess is not hardly ready to compete but………………..she wants to! So I am kicking it into high gear and trying to finish her dress. I will be looking for some new moccasins for her today or at least the leather. She has low tops but of course wants high tops. I must admit she is doing very well. She has learned to step backwards and side step. I am so proud of her!

So right now I am charging up my camcorder and I will be able to hopefully figure out how to post movies of her on here. I am trying to learn, but somewhere between my brain and the electronic devices is a gap….. ha!ha!ha! 🙂 No wonder I never ventured into the electronic field 🙂

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7 Comments on “Pow-Wow”

  1. gr8tful Says:

    How exciting for you all! I wish I could be there to see her! Maybe that is just what I need…..time away!!!!

    Tell princess that I said she can and will kick butt!!

  2. fancydancer Says:

    I’m not that far from you……you could make it a day trip………but I completely understand with everything that is happening with your father. hugs and kisses by the way. Love ya

  3. Oh my, this Saturday, I’ll be thinking about you all! She will do great!

  4. Goldie Says:

    keeping my fingers crossed and thinking good thoughts. even if she is not completely “ready” she can still have fun and learn and share her art with others. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!

  5. gr8brainfarts Says:

    How did it go? I’m excited to hear how it all went. 🙂

  6. fancydancer Says:

    It didn’t go…….it was canceled……….we were heartbroken, but are looking forward to the next one!

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