Okay, so ffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyy we find high top moccasins for princess!  Yea! I want to use moose, because it is so soft. But, cow will do for now. I found a pretty soft pair and she likes them, so next comes the beading part. I’m not sure if I will bead on them or not. I’m still debating. These have a lot of things on them and are not the ones she will wear indefinately. So, as I am working on her belt and dress, I will decide. We are hoping to post a video on here. Will work on it tonight. Wish me luck!

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2 Comments on “Moccasins”

  1. gr8tful Says:

    yea!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!

  2. fancydancer Says:

    Okay, so my video and computer are pouting at each other right now……they won’t speak! ha!ha!ha! Operator error maybe?………:)

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