Miracles happen every day and if we are fortunate enough to witness one, we are truly blessed. My best friend just phoned me and guess what???? Her mom, Ms. Marian, was removed from life support with a DNR. This is the third time she has been declared brain dead.(3 different physicians) Well, she has brain activity and is responding to voice commands and pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂  Is this a thing to be joyous over??? ABSOLUTELY!  GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Now don’t get me wrong there is a long road ahead and she is not out of the woods by far, but Thank GOD almighty, SHE IS HERE!!!!!! And, she is holding her own! So my best friend who thought she would never talk much less see her precious mommy again, will see and talk to her tomorrow!!! This is truly a miraculous event. Just a few hours ago they were making her final preparations.

Her mom was medivaced (?) out to a larger facility in a larger city, so steff will have to travel quite a distance to see her again. But this is a trip I am sure she will not mind taking……….. 🙂

To all of you who sent prayers, Thank you very much. I will keep you all updated.

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5 Comments on “Update…”

  1. dangilomartin Says:

    Praise the Lord sister. It is so Good to see God work in his children life. That is really a blessing to my ears. It is so wonderful to see God work miracles in his children’s life. Keep the faith sister and God bless you. Abide in his love and all things will work out.

  2. Kemi Says:

    That is EXCELLENT, miraculous news! Thank you for sharing. I hope your friend Steff will be able to spend some heartfelt, quality time with her mother.

  3. fancydancer Says:

    dangilomartin-not sure I know who you are, but you are definately right! Thank you for taking the time to comment! GOD bless you also 🙂 But more important, Thank you for caring. Many blessings.

    Kemi- Thank you! My friend is absolutely stunned, excited, scared….you name it, she is going through it! She is already packing for the trip 🙂 I am very happy for her. I am happy because she will get to see her mom again….after she thought she would have to wait until Heaven to do so. They are also putting a disc together of the grandchildren to play in her room, so she can hear them. What a great family 🙂

  4. gr8tful Says:

    That is WONDERFUL news, I am so happy for them!!!! Hugs to you!

  5. I’ve got tears in my eyes. This is marvelous, wonderous news. This is the third miracle I’ve known of recently. I’m thrilled for you all! Oh joy and praise to God!

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