Back to practice….

Princess is dreading today as it is practice day. She always does great, but doubts herself. She practices throughout the week and today is the day she puts it all together. She is getting so good at her steps… makes me have watery eyes each time. Today she is dreading it because yesterday she spent so much time on her wii. She made herself have sore muscles. She must have done dance dance revolution about 20 times! She loves that.  I still haven’t learned how to post movies on here although fighting windmills provided me great insight. It is proving to be beyond my ability. Oh well, I’ll keep trying. Have a great day all 🙂

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3 Comments on “Back to practice….”

  1. bunnychristie Says:

    Hey lady! I’m sorry I haven’t had time to reply but I have been reading the blog. I just want to tell you the beading is wonderful, I’m happy for Steff and her mother, and I’m thankful for you! Thank you for all your prayers for Megan and my cousin’s family.

    Oh, I want to see a video of you doing Dance Dance Revolution!

  2. fancydancer Says:

    your so funny bunny 🙂 That would not be a pretty video! 🙂

    I read megan’s blog everyday. It was very heartwrenching. I know she is safe and free of pain now. I pray her little family a very blessed life.

  3. Do you need me to reword some of my explanation? I can’t even remember what I said. LOL!

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