Beaming Pride :)

Okay, I know we all have children and are very proud of them….but….I look at princess dance and I kid you not, she is beautiful and graceful and I don’t know what else! I just overflow with pride of the baby I had, the little girl she is and the beautiful woman she is becoming……..(not too soon I hope 🙂 )  I never thought my baby who did the “frankenstein” walk when she began walking, fell when she learned to turn, slipped on her own little feet, would be learning the graceful movement of traditional dance. Okay so she was only 1, but still…………She is very elegant. And FAST!!!! She is really picking up those beats! I am truly beaming with Pride 🙂

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5 Comments on “Beaming Pride :)”

  1. gr8tful Says:

    Tell her I am so so so so proud of her! I knew she would be th BOMB!!!
    HUGS to you all!!

  2. You’re making me tear up. How wonderful you feel this way, how wonderful you both are so happy doing something you both love and will cherish in your hearts forever!!!!!!! Are you taking lots of pics and video? I’m sure you are sharing these feelings and what a confidence builder that is for her too. I’m thrilled for you both! Deb

  3. That’s awesome! LOL at the Frankenstein walk. My daughter used to fall whenever the texture changed. Sidewalk to grass = fall. Grass to dirt = fall. Carpet to vinyl = fall. Hehehe. Let’s see those videos on YouTube.

  4. gr8tful Says:

    HUGS my dear dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day, Sky.

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