Say What???????????

Okay, so today princess tells me that she does not want to dance because in 5 years she will be 13??????????????????  mmmmm………… okay…………… anyone????? 

I am hoping this is a passing phase…….anyone with teens have this????????????

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7 Comments on “Say What???????????”

  1. Maybe someone has warned her about her period??? Just ask her what she’s worried about.

  2. gr8tful Says:

    Well, she is getting to that CRAZY age! I will tell you it’s very hard for us moms to get and to understand. But, we have the mom super powers…so they think.

    This is the first of many phases you are going to see, not to mention mood swings ect. Just do your best to understand even when you don’t. Give her support when she needs it.

    And most important………………………..give her SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I forget to do that alot and it’s a HUGE mistake. Space is a big deal for girls at that age!!! Love ya my dear friend. And remember………and this to shall pass!!


  3. gr8tful Says:

    Have a awesome weekend!!

  4. Goldie Says:

    hmmm… I am foggy as to what she means… I am almost 13 and it makes me sad? (reminds me of Meg Ryan in “When Harry MET SALLY” …”I’m gonna be FORTY!!!”)
    OR, I am almost 13 and thus TOO mature for dancing?

    Or maybe something recently happened to hurt her confidence in her ability to dance?

    I thought she loved it so much! Hope she doesn’t decide to stop!

  5. bunnychristie Says:

    Well, at least she thinks you’re still cool. I’m “embarrassing”. HUH??

    Hey, us readers are ready for new material. Get this blog a rockin’!

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