There’s SNOW in them thar hills!!!!!!!!

Snow in the Black Hills??? Okay so I am not ready for this yet! It is oh so cold!!!!!! My dashboard on my suv actually said “ICE” instead of the temperature!!!!! If it wasn’t so cold, it would be funny!!!! There is a ginormous pow-wow this weekend and I am hoping to get princess there. We both received flu shots and are feeling pretty icky…..So we may veg out today and go tomorrow. We are both hoping to feel better so we can go.

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5 Comments on “There’s SNOW in them thar hills!!!!!!!!”

  1. Snow?!?!?! I hope you both feel better and can go to the pow-wow. Here we are having beautiful weather (72 and sunny with fall leaves), but my children both have sinus infections and ear infections.

  2. gr8tful Says:

    sending all my love to you!!

  3. Hope you made it to the pow-wow and she got to dance! I wish we could have some snow here in VA!

  4. gr8tful Says:

    How’s it going! Miss you dearly!! HUGS!

  5. gr8tful Says:

    Opps………….FW, how are the kids doing?? I hope better!!
    Hey canvasgrey, hope all is well!!

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