Happy New Years…..reflecting on 2008

Happy New Years to you all! My wish is that you have a joyous year. 2008 was a wonderful, crazy, tumultuous, happy, sad, joyous, year. Princess and I relocated across the country and learned we are quite independent. We learned that we make a great team and have much respect and love for each other. My princess learned that she is quite the dancer and that she has finally found something she likes to do! I have lost friends and loved ones. But, I have also gained a very special freindship with my past. I am thankful everyday for this new chapter in my life. I have kept all my wonderful lady friends on our blogs and let a few go. All in all, it has been a great year and Princess and I are looking forward to the new chapter of our lives and I pray you all are included. May GOD bless you all and have a fantastic year!

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4 Comments on “Happy New Years…..reflecting on 2008”

  1. AMEN! That read like a prayer! I’m like you with limited time to blog but I’m so glad to get an update! How special and lovely that you and your daughter have bonded in this way. I’m soooo very happy for you. God is good! Sending you blessings and prayers of love, caring, friendship throughout this new year and always, Deb (sending you a bag of popcorn and a hug)

  2. Busty Says:

    Peace be with you and Princess in ’09. Princess sounds like she really enjoys the Pow Wows, I wish I could see her dance!

    Love ya Cuzin!

  3. gr8tful Says:

    Happy New Year!!!!

  4. fancydancer Says:

    Cuzin- if I could ever figure out the utube thing, you will…..

    grt8ful- you know I love ya

    Deb- I miss my bags of popcorn!!! and you!!!

    Thank you ladies, you all rock!!! and I love you………..

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