Time Away……………………

Hello All. No I haven’t forgot that I have a little blog here, just stopping by for an update on things.
My 20 year old nephew passed away in August, my brother is devastated as is all the family, just as we were catching our breath from that my baby sister who was just 32 passed away 3 days before my birthday in September, it’s been a little over a week.
My mom says it is okay for princess to dance, but I’m not up for it right now. I may let her, not sure, things are running pretty fuzzy right now. Know what I mean? Just kinda going through the motions.
So please don’t think I have let this go, I haven’t, just alot going on right now.
Take care of yourselves and maybe I will blog it feels like talking to old friends…… which it is. ttyl

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3 Comments on “Time Away……………………”

  1. gr8tful Says:

    Oh my sweet loving friend! I am so so sorry you
    and your fanily have gone through so much in
    such a short time. I am thinking of you and praying
    for you all! You know how much you and your entire
    family mean to me! Love ya chick!!


  2. fancydancer Says:

    Thanks Diane. Its just real tough right now. Thank you for your prayers. I know I can count on you. Love ya lots

  3. gr8tful Says:

    I am on facebook, I am not sure if I found you or not. I sent a friends thing, but if it’s not you….you won’t get it. Find me love….Diane Weikert.
    I am ALWAYS here for you!!!!

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