Hello all

Posted January 28, 2012 by fancydancer
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well I decided to start blogging again. It has been years. My life is so different now. Better, just different. My daughter and I are so happy, who knew? As with everyone else, life goes on. I have a great job, a nice place to live and a happy kid, who could ask for more. This site has changed so much since I looked at ir. A little difficult to negotiate. But I will continue another blog later, just saying we are back 🙂


Hi anyone who is still here reading…

Posted November 4, 2010 by fancydancer
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It has been a very long time, almost a year since I posted. My life is completely different than when I started this. I often think of the ladies who kept  me company and miss you all so….. I hope things are going great for you and that your halloween was wonderful. Princess and I have moved to Las Vegas and we are now planning on moving home. Winnie I wish you still lived here.  At least I would know someone.  I landed a great job here and make good money for anywhere except here. I live in the burbs and it is pricey.  Definately have to be going towards millions to live comfortably here. We have had fun though since we have been here.  Sight see alot, it is fun. Well, I will check in in a few days to see if anyone is still checking in…… much love

Still Here……

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well, i’m still trying to get on board with things and get in the right frame of mind since last fall. Day by Day, it is gettting a little better. We have been to no pow wows and pretty much stay at home. I miss all of you ladies who I usually keep in touch with through the emails and blogs, but I have kinda let things go. The good news is that I have FINALLY finished my medical schooling. I also made the international Honor Society. who knew huh? lol I guess I just pushed through myself into it. It paid off. I am now hoping for a raise. haha Princes is about an inch shorter than I! She is so tall and beautiful! Her hair is past her knees and she is itching to dance. We will see. She is also discovering boys……..yikes. They are starting to not be icky. omg I guess with everything changing, she has to grow up. I just wish it wasn’t so quick. I hope you all are still checking in and i apologize for not keeping in touch, just had the wind knocked out of my sails for a bit. Love and kisses to you all. 🙂

Time Away……………………

Posted October 4, 2009 by fancydancer
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Hello All. No I haven’t forgot that I have a little blog here, just stopping by for an update on things.
My 20 year old nephew passed away in August, my brother is devastated as is all the family, just as we were catching our breath from that my baby sister who was just 32 passed away 3 days before my birthday in September, it’s been a little over a week.
My mom says it is okay for princess to dance, but I’m not up for it right now. I may let her, not sure, things are running pretty fuzzy right now. Know what I mean? Just kinda going through the motions.
So please don’t think I have let this go, I haven’t, just alot going on right now.
Take care of yourselves and maybe I will blog it feels like talking to old friends…… which it is. ttyl


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It’s been how long since I checked in here???? WOW!!! Pow-wow season, so we are a little busy. My mom suffered another stroke about a month ago, so have been extremely busy with her, my baby sister who is in Washington state has lapsed into a coma and is currently on life support (maybe some of you who know me will remember our reunion after many years) and besides learning a new language (medical lingo), not much happening. Princess, Thank God is healthy and happy. I am doing well. Being a single parent, working full time, attending college and tending to my mom and sister via long distance, makes me VERY tired. I have thought of signing on and trying to upload some video of Princess dancing, but haven’t found the time yet. She is beautiful and yes, I am bias. lol Wish things were more cheery right now, but it is what it is. I hope you all didn’t think I forgot about you and your blogs because I haven’t, just haven’t had too much time lately. Hope your summer is going well and that you had a great 4th!

He is Risen

Posted April 13, 2009 by fancydancer
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Good Morning. We had a great Easter and hope you all did also. Princess had a couple of baskets and looked for eggs all week! Between the school, the church, the family and others, I should be good on hard boiled eggs until at least the 4th of july! lol Dancing season is fast approaching and I am so ready for princess to get going. She is making me crazy. In a good way. lol I hope you all had a blessed Easter. Oh yeah, my computer had to be reformatted so I am desperately searching for email addresses. So If I haven’t visited your blogs lately, this could be why. lol I will hopefully have them retreived this week.
God Bless.

Happy Valentines Day

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It has already been over a month since I added to this blog??? OMG!! Where is the time going?????? I guess alot of it has to do with pow-wow season being very slow and Princess not doing much dancing except at home….. Well, let me catch you up….
Princess celebrated a birthday last week…….my baby is growing so fast! But as all mom’s know, she is getting more beautiful by the day 🙂 of course I’m bias 🙂
She is anxious to start up again pow-wow season. I have not been able to get a new (another) costume for this year. I’m still working on it.
Parent/ Teacher conferences were last week…She is a straight A student 🙂 I’m so proud of her! Of course I wondered when her teachers were telling me about how polite and helpful she is, I had to ask if they had the correct student??? lol Surely they were not talking about the same girl who feigns headaches to not fix her bed in the morning??? Certainly not the same girl who has on call muscle spasms to keep from walking her dogs??? 🙂 lol I guess she is only a princess at home, which is all that matters.
I am struggling away with medical terminology……I often wonder about why the origins of our medical terms are in Latin and Greek???? ha!ha!ha! geez. Like English isn’t enough……lol
But ladies, other than this, we are getting along just fine. We are going shopping today for a valentines outfit that she will wear for spring pictures next week. I will try to post one when they come in. As HH says, I am highly compulexic lol
I wish all of you a very special Valentines Day. I hope you and your honeys have a great celebration!